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A cultural shift takes work. Aspen City of Wellbeing supports local municipalities, employers, non-profits, schools and other organizations by consulting, assessing, designing and implementing wellbeing programs that create a measurable improvement for the participants. Accessing human potential depends upon achieving a state of optimal wellbeing and the following programs are designed to do just that.



A worksite wellbeing initiative conducted on-site and currently serving the employees of Pitkin County's Public Works department as well as the City of Aspen's Parks + Recreation department. The employees participating in these programs are revered workers whose service is essential to the daily functioning of the Roaring Fork Valley. These citizens are our valley's lifeblood and we aim to take excellent care of them. This program focuses on stretching, breathing exercises, mindfulness and healthy eating.



A meditation initiative to encourage office workers to take a break mid-day for nourishing brain function. The techniques taught by the certified mindfulness instructor are aimed at relieving stress, increasing focus, and improving overall brain function. Long term effects of a regular practice include improved sleep, better immune response, and a general sense of increased happiness and purpose. Brain Break is currently offered on-site to employees at the Pitkin County Human Services office and on-site at the Pitkin County Courthouse. This program focuses on guided meditation and breathing exercises. Healthy snacks are also offered to provide an energy boost to the body.



An all-levels yoga and meditation class geared toward employees who spend most of the day working at a desk. This on-site class is guided by a certified yoga teacher and takes place weekly in a 45 minute session on-site. This program is currently implemented for the City of Aspen's downtown workers and offered at the Rio Grande Plaza. The class focuses on simple yoga stretches and movements as well as meditation and breathing exercises designed to counter balance the effects of a desk job.



A workplace yoga class for beginners offered once a week. 


stress recess

A worksite chair massage service conducted on-site and currently serving the employees of Pitkin County's Public Works Department as well as Pitkin County's Human Services Department. This program offers bi-weekly chair massage sessions that are 15 minutes each for every departmental employee.