The ultimate lesson, though: Lead with Love is a gift to the community, an opportunity to foster connection through the Aspen Idea of mind, body and spirit. “What a beautiful place,” Mary Hulnick enthused, “to lead with love.”

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We cannot afford to wait to act with love. I have immense gratitude for those who organized and participated in this event. It’s ripple effect will be vast.

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It would be easy to think that two people with an age gap of 87 years between them would have nothing in common, but that certainly was not the case when the world's oldest and youngest yoga teachers came together for the first time.

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People who attend the Lead With Love conference will take yoga and meditation classes with some of the world’s leading yogis. It’s the signature event for the nonprofit, Aspen City of Wellbeing.

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October 2017

People come here, they experience optimal well-being, they are being taken care of on such a whole-person level of such an inspirational platform of speakers and then the movement and then the meditation.

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MAY 2017

Feedback from the pilot program has been unanimously positive. Anecdotally, road and bridge laborers report less pain and stress, and more flexibility, than they had before the sessions began.

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