A Mind Body Spirit Rx™ for the workplace

A Mind Body Spirit Rx™ for the workplace

WHAT: Yoga 2 You is a local program designed to bring yoga and meditation directly into the workplace at low cost to employers. Through a partnership with lululemon athletica Aspen and the Aspen Yoga Society, we have created a Mind Body Spirit Rx™ for local workers as we continue our mission to measure, prioritize, and improve wellbeing.

WHY: While there is great interest among many residents to try a yoga or meditation class, two obstacles seem to arise over and over again.

The first is the expense and perception associated with a traditional yoga studio class. Some workers do practice at studios but limit their frequency of attendance due to financial constraints. Others do not feel they can afford to attend (even infrequently) or are feeling trepidatious about making that initial financial investment in a practice that seems foreign to them. Even though they have heard about the tremendous benefits of a mind body spirit class, they just aren't certain its worth their time and money to check it out.

The second barrier most people list is one of time constraints. This comes up particularly often in the Roaring Fork Valley, where many residents face long commutes up and down the valley and feel there is not enough time to add another to-do to their day. 

HOW: We match certified yoga teachers to local employers by collaborating with each employer's Human Resources Agent. We assess the workplace to find a suitable space to hold the class and tailor the program to meet the needs of each organization. The employer commits to providing the time and space for their staff to participate and we provide the teacher and educational materials to get the word out about the program. Where possible, we hire employees of the company who have already completed a yoga teacher training program to teach the class. Classes are offered at a minimum of once per week on the worksite and the teacher is paid from a fund that is underwritten by Aspen City of Wellbeing and lululemon athletica Aspen. Aspen Yoga Society assists us in sourcing qualified yoga teachers. ACW matches the employers financial investment dollar for dollar to make new programs affordable and sustainable. Ultimately, the small investment in preventative care is returned as significant healthcare savings and increased productivity for employers.

We are in Phase 1 of Yoga 2 You until late 2017. Phase 2 will be to implement a yoga teacher training so that more employers in the valley can participate by sending one of their staff members to attend a free yoga teacher training program designed specifically for classes taught in the workplace.

WHO: A list of local companies who currently offer Yoga 2 You on site for their staff is coming soon. If you would like to start a Yoga 2 You class at your own workplace, please fill out the form below and our Program Coordinator will be in touch shortly.

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