Humans Of Aspen: Nicole Lindstrom, Aspen Yoga Society Director Attends Ideas Festival

Interview on Nicole Lindstrom by Eliza Demerest

The Aspen Ideas Festival is the nation's premier, public gathering place for leaders from around the globe and across many disciplines to engage in deep and inquisitive discussion of the ideas and issues that both shape our lives and challenge our times. Some 350 presenters, 200 sessions, and 3,000 attendees comprise the annual Festival, launched in 2005, on the Aspen Institute's campus in Aspen, Colorado.

Courtesy of Nicole Lindstrom

Courtesy of Nicole Lindstrom

I was really fortunate to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival this year on behalf of Aspen Yoga Society, as a yoga instructor along with Gina Murdock, Shayne Morgan and River Morgan. We taught yoga every morning to engage festival goers in body, mind, breath practice before engaging with the greater festival and brilliant ideas.
— Nicole Lindstrom


I loved teaching yoga and connecting with the brilliant minds of Aspen Ideas. Guiding participants into movement and breath was incredibly rewarding, facilitating intention and presence in the wake of a very stimulating and full daily itinerary. 


Simon Sinek was incredible. His discussion on 'Leadership Through Inspiration' with Arthur Brooks was very thoughtful and captivating. He spoke to the importance of feeling fulfilled by your work and actively doing what inspires you. He encourages business leaders to engage with co-workers / employees as human beings, not replaceable job titles credited through numbers alone, to create a work culture of trust and loyalty.


All programming falls into one of these program tracks:

  • Feeling The Heat: The Big Ideas On Climate
  • Inside Creativity 
  • The Thinking Machine
  • The Art of Change
  • Aspen Lectures
  • Viewpoints
  • Global Conflicts
  • Making it in the USA
  • Moral Commitments, Moral Choices
  • Reimagining The Internet
  • The America I Know
  • The Genetics Revolution


Here are a handful of topics that I starred:

  • The Future of Human-Robot Interaction
  • Artificial intelligence: Now, Next, and Never Gonna Happen
  • Lean into Boredom
  • Millennials, Motivation, and the Changing World of Work
  • Thirty Years of Climate Change: What will the Next Three Decades Bring?
  • The Power of Habit
  • It's OK to Be Clueless: Embracing What you Don't Know to Expand What You Do
  • The America Women Know


  • Inspired and engaged conversations revolving around the ideas shared during the festival. 
  • Lots of movement between crossing campus for various lectures, connecting with others, engaging with onsite underwriter exhibits such as:
  • Facebook LIVE
  • Mount Sinai Health Concourse complimentary skin cancer, cholesterol, and blood pressure screenings
  • Allstate Juice For Good Truck
There were many amazing opportunities and discussions happening at the same time. My head was brimming with new ideas, concepts, and visions. 


Participants range from ticket buyers to presenters, as well as two scholarship programs including:  

  1. Scholars - 300 nominated global leaders, from 30 different countries
  2. Bezos Scholars - 30 High school juniors and educators from US + Africa.

I loved seeing presenters whose lectures I had attended, participating in Q+A's, or sitting in the audience. Everyone was there to share in the experience and learn. I am looking forward to next year. 

Elizabeth Demarest