Live With Less: How to Engage in Plastic Free July

By Eliza Demarest

It’s not too late - sign up to be a participant in the Plastic Free July challenge. Does the idea of living an entirely plastic-free life sound impossible to you? I’m here to deliver the good news that A) it is not impossible to go 100 percent plastic free, and, B) you do not have to go completely plastic free to have a positive impact on your health and our planet.  

Courtesy of Plastic Free July

Courtesy of Plastic Free July

The thing about plastic is that it will never decompose. Instead, it breaks down into tiny pieces of plastic that are causing pollution problems worldwide. In an attempt to reduce my plastic consumption for the month of July, I’d like to share how I’m going to prioritize what needs to happen first.

Plastic Bags.

According to Ocean Crusaders, people worldwide use approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags a year. This means that a million plastic bags are being used a minute worldwide. Store reusable shopping bags in your car, and your work or school bag, mostly for those spontaneous trips to the grocery store.

Plastic water bottles.

Research done by Ocean Crusaders also show that Americans alone use 8.6 billion plastic water bottles a year. Treat yourself and our planet by purchasing a reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles are ubiquitous. They are available online, and in your local outdoor store, yoga studio, gym, and even some grocery stores. Here are a few of my favorite innovative companies that are giving back and are innovative in design and purpose.

Plastic straws.

The Last Plastic Straw shares that in the United States, we use 500 million straws a day. Straws in general, don’t have to be a necessary item to your drink. However, if you’re a lover of straws or you live a life on-the-go, stainless steel, glass or bamboo reusable straws could be fitting for you. I love Simply Straws, a California family owned business that has been making reusable glass straws since 2012.

Eliza Demarest, Aspen City of Wellbeing Contributor

Eliza Demarest, Aspen City of Wellbeing Contributor

Originally from Mount Shasta, California - Eliza is a wellness focused contributor at Aspen City of Wellbeing. She's a lover of all things wellbeing: smoothies, yoga, meditation, glitter, flowers, and time in nature. She's an aspiring road hog. Be sure to honk or wave if you see her cruising on her Harley through the Roaring Fork Valley. 

Elizabeth Demarest