FEEL BETTER : What are your non-negotiables?

7 IDEAS with Lead With Love presenter, Seane Corn - MBSRx

If I don’t do these non-negotiables, I know that, just because of the familiarity of tension - that in conflict or in crisis, I will, without a doubt, become reactive.  I will say or do something that will actually create more conflict for myself and for the other person, making the situation escalate in a way that is unnecessary because I am not dealing with some of my own suppresesd emotions.  So I have to commit to what works for ME.

DIET.  To support and nourish Emotional + Physical.  Making sure that which is going IN is ALIVE, filled with life force (prana) and nurturing to the system. Everything we take in is going to have an impact on cellular tissue. The health of our body will be determined by everything we are taking in.  

The health of every cell is determined by 3 things: 1.) Quality of the Nutrient it takes in 2.) Ability to Assimilate the Nutrients 3.) Effectiveness of Waste Removal.

SLEEP. To Replenish and Dial Down. Prioritizing the amount of sleep necessary for each unique body and giving the necessary time/space for this to occur.   To create an environment in your bedroom that supports deep rest.  Removing the technology in order to take space from the electromagnetic energy continually circulating.

THERAPY.  To Be Supported. To have someone else bare witness to our process and help us to find a deeper level and heighten our awareness of a certain situation.  To be ushered into a broader understanding by a professional. We often try to analyze and figure out our difficult situations on our own but often don't have the language or ability to understand beyond our own perception.  Often this helps us to stay authentic and eliminate the tempting landscape of spiritual bypass.

YOGA.  To Regulate & Stay Grounded. Moving Energy, Stretching Body, Releasing Tension & Discharging Suppressed Energy. Strength, Flexibility, Purification & Impacts the Central Nervous System.

MEDITATION - To Connect with Source. Get quiet and still the fluctuations within the mind. Balances anxiety and hyper-stimulation - something we all experience.   

PRAYER - Connection to Spirit. To Acknowledge  something within and beyond - which is LOVE.  To Ask for clarity, guidance & to be released from limitations. To Take time for Gratitude & Give Thanks. 

In prayer you ask the question, in meditation you receive the answer.

PLAY.  Seeing the world thru a more joyful lens.  Incorporating a more impulsive, spontaneous, fun energy into life is a key component to feeling better.

for more in-depth & Personal explanations of Seane's 7 non-negotiables, watch the video Here:

Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching.  She is a featured presenter at this years Lead with Love, founder of the non-profit, Off the Mat, Into the World and an all around power-house. We are so excited to welcome her fire back to Aspen to light us up and ignite our community to continue making the necessary shifts towards the world we wish to see. Purchase tickets HERE


Alexa is a Colorado native, yogini, artist & founder of Seeds of Remembrance, a continually evolving and ever-blossoming movement of Activation, Awakening, Alignment & Adornment.  She is steeped in the Para Yoga tradition, honored to be contributing to Aspen City of Wellbeing and is inspired daily, by the work being done, on the ground, in Aspen to enact change and shift culture towards a more vibrant world.  

Alexa Webster