:: W A T E R :: BASICS :: Part 1 ::

some of WHAT WE KNOW

By Alexa Webster

The most common substance on Earth.

Every living species of life on earth comes from water & needs water to grow - this includes crystals.

The human body is roughly 75-90% water.

Without water, life could not exist on this planet.

Science knows life emerged on Earth, from water, and slowly evolved outward.

Water is the only element in existence that can exist in 3 states:




Meaning, it is pretty much -  Everywhere.


Water is the only element that expands when it freezes and contracts when it heats. Every other element on the planet does the opposite - Science today, cannot explain this.

Water has the highest surface tension of all liquids.

Water is capable of creating an immense amount of pressure.

For example: In a seed, it reaches 400 atmospheres of pressure at the point of germination - allowing a plant shoot to break thru asphalt!


Water is considered the "Universal solvent" as it can dissolve more substances than any other liquid.

Water is able to rise against gravity thru the trunks of giant trees against thousands of atmospheres of pressure.


and so much more....



In Truth...

There are a lot of unanswered questions about water and what it is that we have absolutely no logical conclusions and answers to.

This is a beautiful thing!

Admitting we know nothing, allows us to open up into learning new things.

and I would argue ... we know more than we think we know.  

I've started us with some basics because that's often the best place to begin.

Water is both: the single most important thing to us, as a planet - and simultaneously, the most mysterious. 

Is this not reason enough to engage with it in a deeper way?

I think so.. and I will love to dive with you

into the wondrous realm of water!

This marks the first step...

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Alexa is a Colorado native, yogini, artist & founder ofSeeds of Remembrance, a continually evolving and ever-blossoming movement of Activation, Awakening, Alignment & Adornment.  She is steeped in the Para Yoga tradition, honored to be contributing to Aspen City of Wellbeing and is inspired daily, by the work being done, on the ground, in Aspen to enact change and shift culture towards a more vibrant world.  

A majority of the information in this blog post has been transcribed from minute 1-3 of: Spirit Science, Episode 20, Water .

Alexa Webster