ACW's Love Ninjas Make Their Debut

by Abby Stern


LOVE nin͕·ja - /ləv/ /’ninjə/- a person who excels in a particular skill or activity having to do with spreading LOVE and JOY.

This past Friday, Aspen City of Wellbeing (ACW), premiered The Love Ninjas at the Aspen Cares theatrical fashion show. Showcasing different variations of black ninja suits, twelve community models dressed as ‘Love Ninjas’ strutted down the catwalk to the Chainsmoker song Inside Out. Included in the number was ACW Founder and Co-director, Gina Murdock.

With passionate lyrics, “Let me see the dark sides, as well as the bright” and “I'm gonna love you inside out” the performance weaved emotion, fashion, music, movement, and dance into a moving premiere. All costumes were created by members of the Love Ninja Tribe including, Eliza Demarest, Igor Gevonshyr - Prokhorko, and Jeanne Wicks, led by our own Heather Morrow, Director of Special Events..

An outreach component of ACW, the Love Ninjas are a volunteer army of engaged and thoughtful citizens. They are a diverse group of individuals who have a pulse on our community's wants and needs. Aspen Love Ninjas offer on-the-ground support and connection, with a mission to spread love, joy and invoke a sense of belonging.

A sense of belonging - a strong human desire we all share. This sense of belonging to a greater community improves motivation, health, and happiness. Knowing that isolation is a leading cause of many ailments afflicting our community, ACW encourages real-life relationships amongst the people who live, work and play in our city.

To build an authentic sense of belonging requires active effort, energy and ample time. The Love Ninja tribe is intended to grow organically, like a sly ninja in the background. Pay attention and you may spot them volunteering with other nonprofit organizations, giving warm heartfelt hugs, smiling at strangers, and converting visitors to community members.

The Love Ninjas are the eyes, ears, and most importantly, the heartbeat of our organization. We at the Aspen City of Wellbeing are collectively striving to make Aspen the optimal place to reach one’s Human potential. The Love Ninjas help keep us on track for what is desired and needed in our community.

Life is happening all around us.  Love Ninjas are on a mission to spread love and joy while invoking a sense of belonging in our Aspen community. If you are interested in becoming a Love Ninja please reach out to Heather, for additional information.

Jess Ewart