RECHARGE launches today at PitCo Public Works

by Jess Ewart


We here at Aspen City of Wellbeing are SO EXCITED to announce the launch of one of our pilot programs with Pitkin County employees. We've been working together since November to craft an on site worker wellbeing program that meets the unique needs of employees and provides them with the services they feel will most enhance their wellbeing.

So, we are heading over to Public Works today for a 20 minute RECHARGE! Together we will move through some stretches designed to prevent injury as well as some guided breathing and relaxation to undo stress for the incredible Road & Bridge crew that works tirelessly to plow and maintain our high country roads. If you've ever experienced a true winter storm in the High Rockies, then you can imagine how much hard work goes into keeping the roadways cleared and safe for every resident including school buses, first responders as well as the average person heading to the slopes or commuting to work. Without these essential workers, our valley simply wouldn't function. Want to learn more about these workers? Check out this quick feature on Supervisor Scott Mattice's progressive approach to leadership.

Post-RECHARGE, ACW is providing a healthy and nutritious lunch to refuel the crew. On every other Wednesday, we will be sending a licensed massage therapist to the worksite to provide a chair massage for each driver. 

This Wellbeing Wednesday RECHARGE will take place EVERY Wednesday through the end of July 2017 as we measure our progress along the way and get feedback from employees. We are confident that this program will help to enhance worker wellbeing and will be taken up as a permanent part of the county's efforts to take care of its essential employees.

Why are we telling you about this? Well, besides the fact that we are SUPER excited, we also want our generous donors to know that their money is going to real-world programs that directly increase wellbeing for all and we are very proud of that. And, if you agree that programs like RECHARGE can have a positive impact, we invite you to support us as we grow this offering to other departments by making a donation here:

Jess Ewart