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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is realty."

John Lennon

Mission & Vision


Shifting culture towards an optimal state of wellbeing for all.


Aspen is a deeply connected community where the human spirit flourishes!*

*Businessman and philanthropist Walter Paepcke founded the Aspen Institute in 1949 because he was inspired to create “a place where the human spirit can flourish.” Aspen City of Wellbeing wants to realize the potential Paepcke saw in this magical place and to ensure that vision for future generations.


What We Do


on site wellness program

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online resources

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consulting for organizational wellness

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annual lead with love summit

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lead with love retreats

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lead with love leadership circle

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Why We Do It


We believe the wellbeing of one is connected to the wellbeing of all



The suicide rate in Pitkin County

is 3x the national average.



Stress and sleep were identified as the leading lifestyle risks for workers in the Roaring Fork Valley*

*Valley Health Alliance


% of adults in Pitkin County

drink at an unhealthy level.*

*Colorado Public News


Statement Of Opportunity

We are Aspen:

We are abundant in natural resources, human intellect, collective creativity and global influence. We are a community and we believe together we can improve wellbeing and be a leader and model for other communities to do the same.

We intend to be stewards of The Aspen Idea and continually redefine this concept for future generations so that it is relevant and valuable. The Aspen Idea was coined in the late 1940’ s to express the essence of this beautiful, inspiring landscape and the town that goes with it. Walter Paepcke, an early founder of Aspen stated, "Aspen is a place where the human spirit can flourish."

According to Blue Zones research, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and other experts, 80% of a person’s lifespan and health is determined by lifestyle choices and environmental factors. According to the Danish Twins study, only 20% is genetic. That means our health is in our hands