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to shift  culture 


from fear to love.

Our Story

Project Wellbeing (formerly Aspen City of Wellbeing) was born out of a visit to Aspen by Dr. Deepak Chopra in January 2014. Deepak was presenting a lecture on Self-Directed Biological Transformation at the Aspen Institute and his appearance was sponsored byProject Wellbeing Founder, Gina Murdock, and her husband Jerry. While touring the city of Aspen with Gina, Deepak remarked that due to its natural beauty, intellectual capital and financial abundance that Aspen could and should be a "city of wellbeing".


Our Impact

We use data mining surveys to determine the effectiveness of our programs. These responses help shape our programming to create the most significant results.




Including Pitkin County, Aspen Valley Hospital, the City of Aspen, Aspen Community School, Pitkin County Jail, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and more...




We focus on five key strategies for improving our participants' wellbeing: Movement, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Remedy.




According to the US Department of Labor, allocating resources towards improving employee wellbeing is time and money well spent.


Our Approach

A cultural shift takes work. Project Wellbeing supports local municipalities, employers, non-profits, schools and other organizations by consulting, assessing, designing and implementing wellbeing programs that create a measurable improvement for the participants. Accessing human potential depends upon achieving a state of optimal wellbeing and our programs are designed to do just that. We utlize a combination of 5 wellbeing components to construct an evidence-based curriculum. Our data driven approach is cost-effective, produces powerful results and creates high engagement among participants.



Sitting for too long and poor posture are major contributors to todays health problems. Project Wellbeing movement programs aim at improving chronic neck and low back pain, high stress and low energy the leading ailments of todays workforce. 


With technology continually on the rise, distraction in the workplace is at an all time high. Project Wellbeing's meditation and mindfulness programs aim to create a stronger control of the mind’s function by practicing focusing on one task at a time and are proven to increase productivity, creativity, and engagement. 


Project Wellbeing's Breathwork programs target the body's parasympathetic nervous system. By actively controlling the breath the participants slow down their heart rate and have the ability to reduce anxiety and stress. 


Project Wellbeing's onsite Nutrition program influences employees long-term health and wellness. Employees who eat well feel better, have increased energy and are more productive. 


Project Wellbeing also offers a wide array of onsite Remedies including soft tissue body work, reiki, acupuncture and acupressure. These remedies have shown to alleviate low back pain, increase range of motion, enhance immunity and decrease medication dependence.



Project Wellbeing has made yoga and mindfulness accessible to me and my co-workers. It has made a huge difference for me. I really appreciate knowing that my employer supports my health. That is just as important to me as going to class, knowing that my health and wellbeing is valued.

Tami Kocken / Pitkin County, Community Development Planning



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